The Salvetti Prize of €2,000 is awarded for the best project in the field of maintenance technology at the 30th European Union Contest for Young Scientists. “To help and create a network for young maintenance professionals and to assist them in the start and early development of their careers” The objective of the Salvetti Foundation EUCYS Excellence Award is to promote, encourage and motivate the theoretical and applied research and developments in different topics related to maintenance knowledge and practice amongst young students in Europe. The primary areas of interest are Maintenance Engineering, Maintenance Management, Information and Communication Technologies for Maintenance, Maintenance Modelling Methods and Systems, as well robotica in maintenance.

Dr. Salvetti is an entrepreneur from Italy, Milano. As his company develops robot welding systems for the automotive industry he is as such very interested in young people who are developing new technologies. After his presidency from the European Federation of National Maintenance Associations (EFNMS) the Salvetti foundation supported a number of EFNMS Thesis awards and the European Maintenance Incentive Award. In Europe the yearly cost of maintenance is estimated at about 480 billion euro per annum.