International Swiss Talent Forum

The International Swiss Talent Forum (ISTF) is an independent think-tank for young adults who are interested in the universal and long-term challenges of our time. It was launched by the foundation Swiss Youth in Science in 2009 and brings talented young people to Switzerland from all over Europe and beyond. By placing students amongst experts, decision-makers and lateral-thinkers, we create a space for innovation, interaction and debate to develop new solutions to current global issues. Working closely in such a setting, participants will learn how to tackle interdisciplinary problems with solution-oriented approaches. They also have the chance to build a network of national and international contacts, which will launch their aspirations in business, science or politics.

ISTF Topic 2019: Artificial Intelligence
Within just a few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has jumped from sci-fi movie plots into mainstream news headlines and is considered by many to be the basis on which the Fourth Industrial Revolution will proceed. While the speed at which this technology will become a part of everyday work and life continues to be debated, there is no question that the technology will have positive - and negative - implications for society. Is AI either a technological leap into greater prosperity or mass unemployment? Will it be our most valuable servant or terrifying master? What if machines become so highly developed that humans will not be able to keep up? At ISTF 2019 we want to delve deeply into this highly topical, exciting discussion. The 70 top-talented ISTF 2019 participants will bring their combined natural intelligence together to deliberate over the future of Artificial Intelligence and to develop a blueprint for a future that is supported by AI.

Terms and Conditions
• motivated and talented person aged 18 – 23
• in final years of high school (grammar school or professional school), or enrolled in bachelor studies at college or university
• strong interest in the topic Artificial Intelligence and committed to achieving change in our world
• fluent in spoken and written English

The event takes place from February 6th – 9th 2019 in Switzerland.