The general framework for the prize

Europe’s food is amongst the safest in the world, all products on the market must meet the highest food safety standards. Science helps the industry, not only to meet these high levels of safety, but also to produce foods in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Science and innovation in the food industry are also key to greater consumer choice.

The European agri-food industry must address the challenges of sustainability, consumer trust, health and nutrition, balanced diets and healthy lifestyles, while also contributing to creating jobs and growth. But the industry must also play a role in feeding the world, which is facing greater challenges today than it has ever faced in the past: growing and aging populations, urbanisation, diminishing land and water availability, climate change, undernourishment, starvation and obesity, food waste, etc…. the list is long.

Science and innovation have an important role to play in helping the food industry meet the challenges it faces, namely, by developing new or improving existing products and technologies which will bring benefits to the consumer and to society as a whole.

At the same time, food and drink are an essential part of our lives, not only providing us with energy but also bringing families and friends together every day. In Europe, food and drink products also represent a strong cultural element, rooted in regional traditions and folklore.

The food category prizes will be awarded to the projects that demonstrate, in a creative and innovative way, how the agri-food industry can overcome upcoming challenges and pave the way for a sustainable and competitive future for agriculture and food.

The European Food and Drink Industry prize, awarded by FoodDrinkEurope:
FoodDrinkEurope, on behalf of Europe's Food and Drink Industry, is very pleased to award the winner/each member of the winning team with a check for 2,000 euros, to help the young scientists in their research pursuits and provide support for their future academic or professional plans.

BBI Prize
The BBI prize will be awarded by the judges to the project which they feel best uses biotechnology for the production and conversion of bio-mass into non-food value-added products. The prize will be awarded by BBI JU who will provide a paid 4 day trip to Brussels.

The Cargill prize
Cargill wishes to express its support to young scientists by hosting the winning student(s)/team (max 3) for a 2-day all-paid visit to its Vilvoorde (Belgium) state-of-the-art R&D Centre, which is the company’s primary technology centre, serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
The visit will allow participant(s) to engage with scientists and technologists who on a daily basis develop new ingredients, perfect reformulations and test new manufacturing processes. The visit will also include a tour of the state-of-the-art pilot plants. This prize is open to students aged 18 or over.

The Kerry prize
Kerry are delighted to support the 2018 EUCYS, and to welcome the winning team back to Dublin, for an exciting two-day exploration of the challenges and opportunities facing the food and beverage industry in the 21st century. The winning students will experience an evolving market at first hand, with a guided-tour highlighting the latest consumer trends, and will engage with experts on key topics of interest to today’s food and beverage producers.
This immersive experience will be followed by a visit to Kerry’s Global Technology and Innovation Centre, where the EUCYS delegates will be shown how Kerry works with its customers in taking new product ideas from concept, to commercial success.
Kerry can accommodate a team of up to 3 students and 1 accompanying adult.

The Tate & Lyle prize
Tate & Lyle will be pleased to host the winning students/team (max 3) at one of its European food ingredient/ applications lab facilities (Lille, France or Lubeck, Germany) to introduce the students to Tate & Lyle's activities in food and beverage ingredient applications research. This prize, which includes travel expenses, is open to students aged 18 or over. If the winning student(s)/team is under the age of 18, the prize is an Apple iPad or similar tablet device for each winning student/team member (max 3).